Empowering children with brave stories

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Empower bravery

I have created a collection of personalized stories for my young child to empower her to conquer her fears and be brave and more confident. I am offering these stories as free templates for you to customize for your child. Use the full collection of brave tools including exposure ladders and my “play-it-out” method to shift the unknown into the known and help your child face fear.

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Personalized stories

Use the story templates to create personalized stories for you child. Each story was made with personal photos with specific language that is understandable for my child. Read more details about each story on my blog and create a brave story for your child.

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Exposure Ladders

Use exposure ladders in combination with personalized brave stories to help your young child take small, manageable steps towards conquering fears. They will feel proud of themselves at every step and have a feeling of accomplishment and bravery, despite their feelings of anxiety!


Use play to re-enact past events to connect memories and feelings or act out future events to convert the unknown into the known by increasing familiarity. Read the blog for more details and to discover how to use this helpful technique with your child.

Need help creating stories and exposure ladders or want to find out more about play-it-out re-enactments?